About HoD

HoD is a ministry that desires with all its heart, soul, mind and strength to glorify God by seeking and serving the forgotten, the broken, the abandoned, the least likely and the lost. We could be super formal here, We could paint a pretty picture with all the right words that don’t raise red flags, and pretend that we have all the right stuff. But that ain’t us, and this ministry ain’t about us. The truth is, HoD‘s DNA consists of ex-athletes & entertainers, former addicts, ex-partiers, adulterers and former lovers of the world, who were rescued and redeemed because someone exposed them to the most undeserved and absolute most precious gift of all. Which is the grace, mercy and love that God the Father rained down on us through spotless blood shed for us on a cross, through His only son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through sports camps, conferences and really cool challenges, we expose individuals to Jesus Christ and everything about Him. Our passion is to ignite warriors to live, love and lead like Jesus.


reaching all ages…all the time….all aCROSS the world


truth, love, humility, grow & go

E3: Educate, Exemplify, Empower

Ignite Warriors to live, love and lead like jesus
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